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Every plan

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There is one common thing for every plan. We have to stop doing something or start doing something-that’s obvious, but there’s something more.
We must start looking at the long term award instead at what can we have IMMEDIATELY.
It is the most difficult part of the plan. Being focused on the beautiful, dreamt future, not on the ordinary present moment.
Of course I don’t claim that we shouldn’t enjoy the life, but if you desperately want to lose weight, you should think about the future, future award, future admiration of your new shape, instead of thinking about cookies you can see now.
FUTURE, NOT PRESENT (if you want to change something in your life).
Great tip I found in the Kim Kiyosaki’s ang Harv Eker books. BE-DO-HAVE.
Next golden rule! 
Be mentaly slim, do right things, have a sexy body.
Be rich-do things which rich people do-have a lot od money.
The KEY?
Be the person you would like to be NOW. Do right things NOW. Have results in the FUTURE. Be happy you are on the right way NOW. Enjoy the journey 🙂




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